• http://www.dolphinfree.net tenkely

    I have been doing the tutorials on this and so far I think it is going to be really neat and useful. It is more difficult than at first glance for doing more creative and in depth apps tho… I’m excited!

  • http://twitter.com/chairhugger Irene Oh

    This may be useful for new developers but I cannot see this being helpful to end users.

    A good alternative I have seen is this (http://www.joisoft.com/diyapps… This start-up offers a subscription service for small businesses to build apps and connect with their customers. The subscription starts at US$9.90. Definitely the cheapest option for small businesses to try out building their own apps before committing to a big investment.

  • http://www.appswiz.com.au/ Build an App

    People generally leave this thing because they are not aware of programming but now as no code is required , eacn and every person can make use of it to make their own app.