Adsense integrated to Blogger

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Making money with your Blogger blog has become more easy.

Adsense has been integrated Blogger, and without logging into Adsense website, we can add the Ads, track them, and follow our earnings report.

Previously, we needed to add individual adsense segments in blogger, and track the performance from adsense interface. Now we can choose in a single step, how we want the ads to appear in the blog.

How to configure ads to my Blogger blog?
Just go to the Monetise tab of your Blog dashboard in Blogger, and follow the simple steps.

adsense in blogger

And you can also view the adsense reports for the blog directly from the Blogger dashboard.

adsense in blogger 2

Try this, and tell me how it works for you.
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  • Hardik Binnani

    I have signed up on adsense and filled the required details. But I am getting confused with the payee name in the contact information section.
    Moreover, after the submission of the information, on blogger I got notified that my adsense account has been disabled. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Mskshares

    blog very nice keep updating ur blog

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