Facebook like button for Blogger

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Facebook like button comes with a list of friends who like the post.
Choose the style you want and get the code.
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Note: These buttons’ code are strictly for Blogger blogs. (More buttons Coming)

1. Goto Blogger dashboard of your blog.
2. Goto Layout tab, click “Edit Html”
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox
4. Locate
<div class='post-footer'>
in the template.
5. Just below the above code, paste any of the below code snippet, and save the template.

  • swathi pradeep

    Nice one.. do u know where I should insert this code so that it appears beside my post title?
    Also,do u know where I can get a 5 Star rating widget ? I don't like the one provided by outbrain!

  • famousLaptopBattery

    Your blog is great! I like it; I want to make friends with you

  • Ian

    Hi when I put in the code everything works fine, but then when I go to facebook, it says "Ian Likes blogger: sign in" Did I do something wrong?

  • ChickenCruster

    hi…may i know how you do this comment form? please tell me…message me via my facebook:

  • Karthik

    Thank you, Novazee!!

  • Airilnadzim

    may i know how to change the colour of the text for the
    "57 people like this. Be the first of your friends"

    • http://blog.xmlgadgets.com Karthik

      Sorry, Facebook doesn’t allow us to change the color of the text.

  • Zakary Venturo

    this one actually works


  • http://www.thekitelife.com Maxmyer

    The code worked just fine. I moved around the position of the Like button by following this on another forum about this same topic:

    “In the edit box, search for “<b:includable id=”post” var=”post”>”. That is the beginning of the post template. You should be able to make out the various parts of the post (comments, edit button, title, etc.) Try pasting the above snippet in various areas and then pressing the “Preview” button. (This lets you try it before you “buy” it ;) If you get a working “Like” button on each post, you are done!”</b:includable>

  • EaG|e^


  • http://www.ubipanas.com/ kyuubi

    this one work for me. thanks

  • Wongziyuan

    tq for help . ^^

  • shenoyjoseph

    thanks for help buddy :)

  • Ainulsyariha

    thank you so much. it really helps me.

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  • http://munzirshafie.com MuJE

    thanx a lot!

  • Happieheartz_x3

    You like this. and 132,289 others like this.132,289 people like this. Be the first of your friends.
    why did so much people like it when i just put it a minute ago?

  • http://www.blissfultastes.com Jessica

    This is the only one I have found that really works. Thank you!

  • Iiamxzhiyee

    What about Blogger Classic templates?
    Before its working great. But then it become like this
    “XX likes http://xxx.blogspot.com/2011/0… on xxx.blogspot.com.”

  • Nicolaecampan

    worked perfectly for me, thanx! i have a question, tough, how could i adjust the code, so that the “like” link back could display the post that was “liked”, as a thumbnail, on the facebook profile of the person who pushed the “like” button ? thanx a lot!

  • http://twitter.com/MarketingMama Missy B

    SEROIUSLY THANK YOU! I tried the fb code and other pages and it's been driving me f-ing crazy. your's worked right away and was super easy. THANKS!

  • Mikko

    This is very good but now that FB has added an option to make this button in colorscheme dark would it be possible to add that possibility in your code also. I tried but couldn’t make it work. Thank you!

  • Mon Logoc

    Finally. Yours worked. Thanks a million. http://mechamonk.blogspot.com/

  • http://profiles.google.com/lumannie Anna Lin

    Searched alllll over and nothing worked for me until I found this one! Thanks!!! Just one question, how come there's so much space beneath the button? How do I rectify that? Thanks!

  • Sunshinesue26

    tq!very helpful

  • Alyssadioso

    wow it really works!!! thanks for the info! :D


  • http://annetteholland.com daNanner

    Thank you! The bit about post.url was missing from the Facebook instructions.

  • peanchan

    thanks a lot! after several attempts, this one finally worked :D

  • Weirdynadiaa

    Sorry but this is not the one that I’m looking for . I’m looking for ONE Like button not like button on EACH POST blogger . Did you know the code ? Thanks :)

  • Nickvester47

    thanks, it works on my blog

  • Thomas_ross64

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • eko noeg

    thanks, this is the article that im looking for…

  • Edi Dominic Ifediri

    this was really helpful to me, though I have a few more others way of sharing that works too

  • Razali Zain

    Awesome! just like Missy B. I’ve been trying so many other websites and they don’t work! Yours was like a SNAP ON! Awesomeness. Thank you so much?!

  • Lily Hawthorne

    I have been frustrated, looking all over the net searching for a widget and I have found this to be the one that’s working perfectly. thanks for this!