Official Tweet Buttons for websites, Blogger and WordPress

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Official Tweet buttons Twitter is all set to announce the Official tweet buttons. Here is the code that you can use to embed those buttons.

The buttons will not be working for now; But will start working, once Twitter rolls out officially.

Update: Twitter has announced the official Tweet buttons .

Twitter has partnered with Tweetmeme to create this new Button API. It uses the url shortener to tweet.

Please select your platform, get the code and paste it in your website.

Blogger users,

1. Goto Blogger dashboard of your blog.
2. Goto Layout tab, click “Edit Html”
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox
4. Locate
<div class=’post-footer’>
in the template.
5. Just below it, paste the code snippet, and save the template.

WordPress (Self hosted) users,

1. Goto Admin Dashboard
2. Appearance –> Editor
3. Click on Single Post (single.php)
4. Locate
<div class="entry">
in the template.
5. Just above it, paste the code snippet, and save the template.

How to add the Tweet button to blogs?

Answer is here.


  • Adnan

    I'm trying to add it to my self hosted blog following your steps, but my single.php doesn't have – <div class=”entry”> , so what do i do?

    • Karthik

      I'm seeing that your blog has got the tweet button. hope the problem is solved !

      • Adnan

        Yes, in the end i tried something different, i edited the header file and and the single.php file.

  • cmbarton80

    Thanks for posting these directions…I wasn't sure how to add this “new” twitter button to my blog when I set it up this morning until, fortunately, I found your instructions. I didn't run into any complications getting the code posted in my Blogger using your above directions and actually got it to work on the first try. Believe me, given my previous experiences trying to edit/add something to my blog using the HTML section, the fact that I was even able to get what I was trying to do accomplished is a huge compliment to you. Thank you again :-).

    • Karthik

      Thanks a Ton for your comment !!

  • Tenkely

    Great post (love the builder). Could you add a field in your builder to allow for the “suggest accounts to follow” feature?

    • Karthik

      Thanks for the comment; do you mean the Related accounts? Yes, I can add.. give me some time..

      • Tenkely

        Yep. Sweet, thanks you rock!

  • Scott Hepburn

    Thanks for these instructions! It looks like the Count button isn't showing up on my blog. Any suggestions?

  • kibbles0905yahoocom

    Thanks so much for the info! I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time now. Can the buttons be moved to the top on the right?