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Amazon silk browser

Amazon Silk—Amazon’s Revolutionary Cloud-Accelerated Web Browser

The web browser on Kindle Fire introduces a radical new paradigm — a "split browser" architecture that accelerates the power of the mobile device hardware by using the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The result is a faster web browsing experience, and it’s available exclusively on Kindle Fire.


Opera 10.5 is the most reliable browser – says Google

Sputnik is a new tool from Google labs, a JavaScript conformance test suite, a comprehensive set of more than 5000 tests. (from Chromium Blog).

It can test your browser and will let you know the number of failures (among 5000 test cases).

Opera 10.5 wins the test with just 78 failures (in 5000 test cases).
Safari 4 comes next with 159 failures, Chrome 4 : 218, Firefox 3.6: 259 failures and Internet Explorer 8: 463 failures.

Learn more:
Sputnik project
Sputnik test runner – test your browser yourself
Official announcement

Google Chrome detects URLs in text

When I read many of the blogs, news stories, comments of some articles, I come across situations when I want to goto a URL/Link provided in the stories.

If the URL, contains a hyperlink to the same URL (like,, it is very easier to go there, i.e I just need to click it.

But, In case, say there was no hyperlink, (like,
1. I need to select and copy the URL,
2. Open a new tab / Window in my browser,
3. Paste the URL and hit enter.
That was what I was doing, while using IE or Firefox, but not in Google Chrome.

In chrome, when I see any URL, with no hyperlink to it, I just select the URL, right click, and click on Go to [URL] button, and thats it, I reach the page.text URL in chrome

Try it yourself and let me know how do you feel.
Not installed Chrome yet, Download Google Chrome beta !

Using Chrome for more than browsing

I’m using Google Chrome not only for internet browsing.
I wanted to call my friend in Florida and I want to know the time there.
I opened a chrome window, typed “time in Floridain the address bar, (called as omnibox), and pressed enter.
time in chrome

I get the time from Google search results.

And, when I need to do a simple calculation (68 * 569 – 45), I used to go to Windows Calculator, or MS Excel.
But now-a-days, I open a chrome browser window, and directly start typing this in the address bar. Guess what,
I dont even need to press enter, and request Google to make the calculation (well, that also works fine).
The result appears immediately below the saying = 38647. 

All said, Chrome can’t do all these, without an internet connection.

calculator in chrome

Much more to explore. Hold On!
Not yet installed chrome? Download now!

Flock – The Social web browser with People Sidebar

Download Flock 2.5.2
iPhone and Android phones have the applications for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Orkut and more.

I always wanted such apps for my PC, since I need not go to all the webpages from my browser.

Today, I installed the Flock browser, through which, you can stay connected with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr and more.


And, you can check all your emails (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) from the browsers button.

Social Bar (People Sidebar)
Once you login to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, the People Sidebar in the Flock browser keeps you updated about your friends information from these accounts. You can update your facebook status and also tweet from this People Sidebar.

The about:myworld page in the Flock browser has more news about your Twitter updates (from whom you follow), Favourite feeds and more.

The browser also has a built in Facebook chat bar at the bottom. We can directly upload photos and videos to Facebook through flock.

Media Bar
The media bar can connect you with recently uploaded photos from Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, Facebook and more. It also provides the recently digged articles from the Media bar.

flock media bar