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Facebook’s New Comments plugin for websites

Facebook has announced the new commenting system for websites, which can provide Facebook wall like commenting for web pages. When someone posts a comment on a webpage, it can simultaneously posted on his FB wall also. If any of his friends reply to that post, that could appear on the original webpage’s comment section – which is the best part of it.

This is how the post appears on the wall of the commenting user.


Facebook Places

Facebook Places

As everyone was expecting, Facebook has finally announced Places. It can be accessed via the iPhone app from an iPhone or if you use any other touch phone, go to

- Use Places to see where your friends are and share where you are.

There are few more updates to the Facebook for iPhone app.

- You can set the privacy of individual status updates.

- See all recipients of inbox messages

- Upload photos and videos in the background (multiprocessing with iOS 4)

FB iPhone 

Places is available in the iPhone app (you may need to update it). But the service is not yet enabled for India :(

FB Places

Google Friend Connect vs Facebook Social Plugins

Google Friend Connect Facebook Social Plugins
Becoming a member / Fan Click the Follow button and need to authenticate with Google / Yahoo / Twitter / AIM / Netlog / OpenId Just click the “Like” button. (Should have signed into
Recommendation gadget / Button Available Available
Recommending a post User just clicks “Recommend” button User just clicks “Like” button
Where the liked post/pages will be visible? Only in “Recommendations” gadget In “Recommendations” gadget and also in Facebook profile.
Analytics Available – only about the Members count. Much detailed analytics available in – Daily Active Users, New Fans, Demographics – Gender and age, Countries, Activity – Media consumptions and much more.
Comments gadget Available Available
Activity Feed Available Available
Custom gadgets directory Available Not Available

Facebook page Insights

Facebook like button for Blogger

Facebook like button comes with a list of friends who like the post.
Choose the style you want and get the code.
Other Social Buttons for Blogger. Get more Facebook Social Plugins for your blog.
Note: These buttons’ code are strictly for Blogger blogs. (More buttons Coming)

1. Goto Blogger dashboard of your blog.
2. Goto Layout tab, click “Edit Html”
3. Check the “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox
4. Locate
<div class='post-footer'>
in the template.
5. Just below the above code, paste any of the below code snippet, and save the template.