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Google Sidewiki – – want it in Chrome !

Update: Google Sidewiki comes to Chrome | Sidewiki extension for Chrome

Google has announced today, the Google Sidewiki, an addon which comes along with Google Toolbar.
Using this, you can comment/ write reviews to any webpage, using your Google credentials.

As you write the comment, you can simultaneously post the same to any of your, blogger blog.

But, Google Sidewiki is available only for IE, Firefox, along with Google Toolbar. Let us wait for it to be available for Google Chrome.

Your Sidewiki comments link to your Google Profile. As well as your Google Profile ( shows the recent Sidewiki entries made by you. If some one visits your profile, they can also subscribe to your Sidewiki entries feed.

Along with Google Sidewiki, there is another addon available for the strictly IE users, Google Chrome Frame. Install Chrome Frame, if you want Chrome’s speed, but still want to stick to IE.

There is another bonus news. Picasa 3.5 gets Name tagging and Geo tagging (using Google maps).
Watch it!

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Hitting Control + Enter in a browser

Many of you know that when you type “google” in a browser’s address bar and hit Control + Enter, you will be directed to

Browsers used to add “http://www.” as prefix and a “.com” at the end.

Though, this is a very good facility and saves time, it was annoying me when I type and hit Control + Enter, goes to .

Well, google will redirect this to, But I dont like to supply such a url, when I know which doesnt exist.

Many of the browsers are doing like this, and sometimes it might result to a non existing page.

I prefer to use Google Chrome, but since Chrome is not working in my 64 bit PC with Windows 7, I am being forced to use IE8 beta.

The only thing I like in IE8 is that, when you type a sub domain and hit Control + Enter, say, draft.blogger, it will not take you to (which doesn’t exist) , instead it knows that I have given a sub domain and no www to be used, and takes me to the desired url ,