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Orkut gets iPhone App, Google plus badge

Recently Google has released a new iPhone and Android apps for Orkut.

iphone_app_blog.png (149×290)

Since Google plus is now the new Social networking site from Google (which is now 90 million+), I expected Orkut users will be moved to Google plus (either automatically or after permission).


But, Google is releasing new apps for iPhone/Android, and now, you can get an Orkut badge saying ‘This user has a Google+ account’. I can’t understand what is Google’s plan with Orkut. Most my Orkut friends are not active. Orkut now looks uglier when compared to Google Plus / FB. I have not yet deleted my orkut account, but would like Google to shutdown Orkut completely and educate users to move to Google+, rather than maintaining two different Social networks.

Moneycontrol iPhone app – Market on Mobile’s Market on Mobile iPhone app has been released recently. I was very much waiting for such an app from CNBC Moneycontrol.

It has many features like, Global indices, Personalised portfolio, watch list (Moneycontrol login required), Charts, News, message board and live CNBC TV 18.

Below are the screenshots of the iPhone app. You can download it here.





Live TV


Since it is the first version, there are some issues with the app.

When you minimise the app, and re-open it, it doesn’t start from the page you left. Instead takes you to the default page. Overall, the app is very slow. Hope the next version will have improvements.

App’s Official page

iTunes page

Facebook Places

Facebook Places

As everyone was expecting, Facebook has finally announced Places. It can be accessed via the iPhone app from an iPhone or if you use any other touch phone, go to

- Use Places to see where your friends are and share where you are.

There are few more updates to the Facebook for iPhone app.

- You can set the privacy of individual status updates.

- See all recipients of inbox messages

- Upload photos and videos in the background (multiprocessing with iOS 4)

FB iPhone 

Places is available in the iPhone app (you may need to update it). But the service is not yet enabled for India :(

FB Places

Unlocked my iPhone 3GS iOS4 using, Ultrasn0w

Three weeks after updating to iOS4, finally I unlocked my iPhone 3GS today. Thanks to JailBreakMe 2.0 and Ultrasn0w 0.93

How did I unlock?

1. Install iOS4 if not already done and sync your iPhone at least once with iTunes.

2. Go to or from iPhone’s safari browser

3. Slide the “Slide to Jailbreak” button

It will download few files, and start jailbreaking. This will also install Cydia app in your phone.

4. Open the Cydia app

5. Go to Manage tab, Click on Sources, Click on add button

6. Give the url as source url, and download ultrasn0w.

7. Install the downloaded ultrasn0w; the phone will restart, and now UNLOCKED !

I just followed the detail steps given in Amit Bhawani’s blog post.

ICICI Bank iMobile iPhone/Android App – How to guide

ICICI Bank is providing a mobile app iMobile for its customers. The App is available as java app for all symbian mobiles, and there is also an iPhone version of the same. (Check here whether your device is supported). ICICI Bank is the first bank in India to provide such a useful iPhone app.

Update: ICICI iMobile Android app is now available. More details.

In order to use iMobile, you should first have registered for mobile banking. Then, for activating iMobile, send an SMS from the registered number saying imobile to 5676766. You will get an activation code, which is need to activate the iMobile app.

Even though you should have registered for Mobile banking, the app need not be installed in the registered phone. You can install in any iPhone / iPod touch.

iPhone users,
1. Download the iMobile app from iTunes store.
2. Send an SMS, imobile iphone to 5676766.

3. You will receive the activation code.
4. Open the app, create a new PIN for the iMobile app, and enter the activation code received.
Now, start using iMobile.
Using this app,
1. Check Balances, and transactions of your Bank accounts
2. Request for cheque book, stop a cheque
3. Transfer funds
4. Check your Credit card balance, and make payments
5. Access your Demat and Loan accounts
6. Recharge your Prepaid mobile
7. Locate a ATM, Branch.
and more..
Initial screens

App information and Menus page
Bank Accounts and Credit card page menus
Funds transfer and Bill payment
mShop and Menu Configuration screen
Locate Branch/ATM and Demat/Loan screens
Other Services and App Summary

Try using it and let me know, how it is.