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GMail labs : Location in Signature

After announcing Google Latitude , Google has added the location identifying feature to GMail also, through one of the GMail Labs feature, “Location in Signature”.

All Emails have the standard fields, Sender name, Sender email id, Recipients, Timestamp sent.

Now Gmail adds one more field “Sender’s Location”.

This will be useful for the recipients, to know where from the email is coming.
And also to the sender, when he looks at the emails at a later point of time.

How to add location to Gmail Singature ?

1. In Gmail Labs Settings, enable “Location in Signature” ; Save Changes.

Location in Gmail

2. Goto General settings tab and enable signature, and also select the “Append your location to the signature.” check box. Save changes.

The next time you compose a gmail, you will see signature looks like,

Location in GMail Signature

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Gmail Labs : Multiple inboxes

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs:

Multiple inboxes

In addition to default inbox, you can add two more labels in the default view.

gmail Multiple inboxes

How to add this?

1. Go to Gmail Labs settings

2. Enable, “Multiple Inboxes”, Save changes

3. Go to Multiple Inboxes tab in Gmail Settings, select the labels you want in the default view.

Gmail Multiple inboxes settings

4. Give the label names as “label:LabelName” in the Pane 0, 1.. text boxes.

These panes are not just labels, you can view

emails from a particular contact “from:(“,

emails containing a particular String “Search string“,

Drafts “is:Draft“,

Starred “is:Starred“,

Spam “is:Spam“,

Sent “is:Sent“, and

Labels “label:LabelName” .

If you want a pane, that should display messages from a particular contact, give “from:(” in the Pane text box.

Or if you want to have all the email messages that has the word “Adsense”, just give “Adsense” in the pane box.

Gmail labels act as folders : Do more with labels!

What is the new link in Gmail page, Do more with labels! about?

Google has added a button to Gmail, which gives a way to you use Labels as folders.

gmail labels

The “Move to” button, drops down and shows all the labels you use.

Once you select a label, the message moves from your Inbox to Archive folder, after applying the Label to the message.

When you click the particular Label from the navigation bar, you can see all the messages with the label, and this gives a feel like using folders for the emails (Even if the message is archive folder).

Gmail still provides the capability to add multiple labels to a message, which is why Google has “Labels” concept instead of Folders.

Google Gadgets in Gmail

Most of the iGoogle gadgets can be now used in your gmail page, in the side navigation bar.

To use the Google gadgets in gmail, follow the simple steps,

1. Go to Labs in gmail.

(Labs are available only in Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome.)

2. In Labs tab, under Gmail Settings, Enable “Add any gadget by URL” feature, Save changes.

3. Now Go to the Gadgets tab in Gmail settings.

4. Give any gadget url and add the gadget to your gmail page. (for eg,

(Not all Google gadgets cannot be used with gmail. )

You can drag and drop the gadgets over the Gmail Navigation bar, if you have enabled “Navbar drag and drop” feature in Gmail Labs

gmail gadgets