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Orkut gets iPhone App, Google plus badge

Recently Google has released a new iPhone and Android apps for Orkut.

iphone_app_blog.png (149×290)

Since Google plus is now the new Social networking site from Google (which is now 90 million+), I expected Orkut users will be moved to Google plus (either automatically or after permission).


But, Google is releasing new apps for iPhone/Android, and now, you can get an Orkut badge saying ‘This user has a Google+ account’. I can’t understand what is Google’s plan with Orkut. Most my Orkut friends are not active. Orkut now looks uglier when compared to Google Plus / FB. I have not yet deleted my orkut account, but would like Google to shutdown Orkut completely and educate users to move to Google+, rather than maintaining two different Social networks.

New Orkut – Build your groups

Google has once again updated the orkut interface. You may need to spend some time to build your groups, if you want to socialize differently with Friends, Family and Co-workers.

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1. Send scraps from your homepage


2. Privacy for Scraps


3. Stay away from unwanted updates


4. New pages for Orkut apps


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Orkut integrates Picasa web albums

Update: Picasa integrates Piknik photo editor app

I had previously posted that why dont Orkut photo albums integrate with Picasa?
Now I see Picasa photo albums can be directly imported to Orkut, and I don’t need to upload my photos again in Orkut.

picasa to orkut
Orkut integrates Picasa albums

Thank you, Google !

I am expecting Picasa to integrate Piknik (a popular online image editing website), since it was recently acquired by Google.
Read the official Orkut post.

Orkut tries to add more users

Google has removed “Friends Suggestion” feature from the Orkut home page.

That feature is replaced with a new feature to “Email friends to join orkut” which shows random 5 contacts from GMail contacts, who either do not have an orkut account or use a non gmail email account.

orkut invite

This clearly shows that instead of making users to add friends who are already using Orkut, Google tries to make the users invite their friends to orkut, who are new to orkut.

why dont Orkut photo albums integrate with Picasa?

update: Orkut integrates Picasa web albums
In how many websites do you upload the photos, and have redundant data in the web?

I used to upload my photo albums to Picasa, Orkut and Facebook. (stopped uploading to Flickr because of the storage limits)

I hate uploading the same photos which I already added to my Picasa album, again to Facebook / Orkut, just for sharing with my friends.

Facebook has a very good solution for this. Fotofan app can directly bring my Picasa albums to my Facebook profile, with a separate tab called Picasa tab. In addition to this, updates will be posted to my wall automatically whenever I add photos to Picasa.

Orkut and Picasa being Google’s own products, Orkut doesn’t have a similar feature. Orkut apps are not even comparable to Facebook apps. Long way to go for Orkut applications.
 But Google has merged photos uploaded to Blogger blogs, to Picasa albums. The blogger buzz post asks “Ever wanted to see all the photos you’ve uploaded to your blog in one place?” and the Blogger photos are integrated in Picasa, I am wondering why Orkut albums cant fit with Picasa? If Orkut albums integrate with Picasa, even the photo comments can be synced between Orkut and Picasa albums. Let us wait if it can ever happen.

Orkut Share and Orkut promote – Different but Same

Orkut Share and Orkut promote are two different ways of promoting any web content through orkut,

Orkut promote

Orkut promote is for every orkut user, who wishes to promote / publish / spread any News / Video / Photo / Message.

It can be just spreading a comment about a movie that you watched, or sharing your Picasa/Flickr album to your Orkut friends, and friends of your friends (If your friends click the promote button, when they see your promotion), and so on.

Orkut promote is available only for limited number of users. Check whether the Orkut promote link works for you.

Orkut Share

Orkut share API is useful for any website owner / Blogger, to promote their content, by requesting the visitors to share the content via Orkut.

It is available as a Google Web Element, and can be easily added to any website (just like Facebook share)

orkut share

Orkut share and Orkut promote may look like two different features of Orkut, but both of the APIs share and spread the links / videos / photos in the same way.

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