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Picasa integrates Picnik photo editor app

I know this is a old news. Three weeks back, Picnik was integrated to Picasa web albums. As I was expecting this for a long time since Google acquired Picnik, I wanted to post this.

Using the new Edit button, now one can edit a photo in Picasa, and either save it or add as a new photo to the same album (so that you don’t overwrite the old one). Picnik offers various photo editing and enhancing tools.

Picasa Piknik

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Flickr gets New Interface. Will Picasa change?

There is a redesign in Flickr, Yahoo! ‘s photo sharing site.
A. Zooming becomes easier
B. More pictures previewed from the same set
C. Actions Menu
D. More Info about the picture
E. Comments and Favorites merged together

The New interface
Actions Menu

While Flickr is concentrating only on the web interface, Google focuses on Picasa uploader.
Picasa web interface needs lots of improvement.
1. It can get a better UI for the Comments.
2. Previews can be provided for next and previous photos in the album.
3. More importantly, there is no information about the user, except for the name.
4. Picnik can be integrated for editing.

Orkut integrates Picasa web albums

Update: Picasa integrates Piknik photo editor app

I had previously posted that why dont Orkut photo albums integrate with Picasa?
Now I see Picasa photo albums can be directly imported to Orkut, and I don’t need to upload my photos again in Orkut.

picasa to orkut
Orkut integrates Picasa albums

Thank you, Google !

I am expecting Picasa to integrate Piknik (a popular online image editing website), since it was recently acquired by Google.
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why dont Orkut photo albums integrate with Picasa?

update: Orkut integrates Picasa web albums
In how many websites do you upload the photos, and have redundant data in the web?

I used to upload my photo albums to Picasa, Orkut and Facebook. (stopped uploading to Flickr because of the storage limits)

I hate uploading the same photos which I already added to my Picasa album, again to Facebook / Orkut, just for sharing with my friends.

Facebook has a very good solution for this. Fotofan app can directly bring my Picasa albums to my Facebook profile, with a separate tab called Picasa tab. In addition to this, updates will be posted to my wall automatically whenever I add photos to Picasa.

Orkut and Picasa being Google’s own products, Orkut doesn’t have a similar feature. Orkut apps are not even comparable to Facebook apps. Long way to go for Orkut applications.
 But Google has merged photos uploaded to Blogger blogs, to Picasa albums. The blogger buzz post asks “Ever wanted to see all the photos you’ve uploaded to your blog in one place?” and the Blogger photos are integrated in Picasa, I am wondering why Orkut albums cant fit with Picasa? If Orkut albums integrate with Picasa, even the photo comments can be synced between Orkut and Picasa albums. Let us wait if it can ever happen.

Google Sidewiki – – want it in Chrome !

Update: Google Sidewiki comes to Chrome | Sidewiki extension for Chrome

Google has announced today, the Google Sidewiki, an addon which comes along with Google Toolbar.
Using this, you can comment/ write reviews to any webpage, using your Google credentials.

As you write the comment, you can simultaneously post the same to any of your, blogger blog.

But, Google Sidewiki is available only for IE, Firefox, along with Google Toolbar. Let us wait for it to be available for Google Chrome.

Your Sidewiki comments link to your Google Profile. As well as your Google Profile ( shows the recent Sidewiki entries made by you. If some one visits your profile, they can also subscribe to your Sidewiki entries feed.

Along with Google Sidewiki, there is another addon available for the strictly IE users, Google Chrome Frame. Install Chrome Frame, if you want Chrome’s speed, but still want to stick to IE.

There is another bonus news. Picasa 3.5 gets Name tagging and Geo tagging (using Google maps).
Watch it!

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