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Disqus goes mobile, lite theme coming soon

Disqus has been a useful commenting system for blogs. There is new like button added to build communities. Now if you view any Disqus powered web page (like, the commenting system is also optimized for mobile (see screenshot below).

disqus mobile

Lite theme

Disqus is now Mobile

DISQUS for iPhone: Mobile comment moderation

Disqus like button and Communities



The reasons why I use Disqus

1. Threaded Comments

2. Easier Comment moderation

3. Sync/ Import / Export for Blogger/Wordpress

4. “Like” for posts / comments

5. Social sharing options, Community profiles

6. Automatic email subscription of comments

Disqus is also expected to release a Lite theme for comments which is supposed to load faster (for those who are concerned about the loading time of sites).

Visit my blog from iPhone/Android, you will see the mobile theme + mobile Disqus comments.

Apture Toolbar – more Pageviews, less Bounce rate

Apture If you are blog or a website owner, then you may consider adding the Apture toolbar to your site.

Apture is a simple toolbar which sits at the top of your web page (unlike Wibiya, which occupies the bottom of the page).

It just has a logo/title of your page, Sharing links for Facebook, Twitter and Email (with the counts from Facebook and Twitter) and a Search box with Auto suggest enabled.

This may look like a very normal toolbar, but there is another feature called Auto-Enhance, which will convert some of the hyperlinks from your page to smart links. When the users click on these smart links, they will not be leaving the page, but will see a overlay window with the contents of the link. Auto enhance will understand links like Twiiter user page, Wikipedia, Youtube videos, Images, Slide Share and even  Google Maps.

There is another cool feature. If you double click on any word, there will be a “Search” button popping up, clicking which searches for the word(s) without leaving the page.

And if a user, comes from a Google search results page to your site (actually searching for something, that brought the the user to your webpage), there is a pop-up which asks the user to find more on the search keyword, in your website. This will keep the user in your page for little more time, and there more chances of reducing bounce rate.Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit your webpage, leaves your website, without clicking anything – at least as per my understanding. Also, Bounce rate of a site plays a major role in calculating the page rank. If your site has 98% bounce rate, that means only 2% of people have stayed in your site.

Get your Apture toolbar

Auto Enhance with Apture

Auto complete search on Apture

At last, there is an Embed Builder, which let you to embed any Wiki, Amazon, Youtube, Flickr content, as I have done above.

I have installed Apture in my blog, just 2 days back, and I am seeing the Bounce rate has reduced considerably from 79% to 74%. Let me wait for 7 more days to get a statistics email from Apture, which will clearly show, the exact improvement with the toolbar.


I think, this is my longest blog post :-)

Try it in your blog and let me know how useful it is.

Wibiya premium accounts : Add toolbar to multiple websites

Wibiya has introduced 3 levels of Premium accounts (Plus, Pro and Max). (what is Wibiya?)
But there was no announcement about this in Wibiya’s blog.

Plus : $4.95/Month (Custom styling and Branding)
Pro  : $9.90/Month (Custom styling and Branding, Pro Apps, Toolbar for 2 websites)
Max : $29.90/Month (Custom styling and Branding, Pro Apps, Create your own Wibiya Apps, Toolbar for 5 websites)

Remember, the free version is still available which is still a great toolbar platform to use. Get Wibiya if you don’t have it already.

I still use the Free Wibiya toolbar, which is more than sufficient for my blog !

Sexy Buttons : Free CSS styled buttons

Sexy Buttons documentation Download Sexy Buttons
When I see attractive buttons for “Download” , “Get the Code” buttons in several websites like this, I always wanted to get such buttons, but didn’t want to use images as buttons.

I have found a very easy way of adding beautiful buttons to the website/blog. Thanks to Sexy Buttons.
You can download Sexy buttons from here.

Upload the sexybuttons.css file, and the image folder to your domain, and start using it.
sexy buttons








Dont forget to include the CSS file in your webpage.Try it, and let me know how useful it was.

Subscribe to RSS feed : Dismissible message

It is always better to make the visitors to Subscribe to the RSS feed of our blogs to get Returning visitors.

Here is a simple way to do it.

Copy the below code (do not forget to change the feedURL to your site’s RSS feed URL) and add it to any part of your site.

<script>var subscribe = {
feedURL: ''

Wibiya – a simple toolbar for your site/blog


Get Wibiya toolbar

Wibiya provides a simple and powerful toolbar for websites/blogs.

What you get from the toolbar is,
1. A recent posts navigator
2. Blog/site search
3. Facebook fan page, community page for your website
4. Twitter reactions about your site, and site owner’s recent tweets
5. Share links (Tweet, Buzz up, Facebook share and more)
6. A simple RSS button
7. An easy way to send notifications to visitors
8. Translation gadget
9. Navigation to your flickr album
10. Track your site statistics
Finally, all the above can be fully customized.

Try Wibiya, if you own a blog/website. (You will need to wait for a couple of days to get the beta invite)
Try Blogger or WordPress, if you still don’t have a blog.