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flipkartI am a new Flipkart user. I very much like Flipkart for the wide range of products available, low price, 24 x 7 customer care, in-time delivery. By looking at Flipkart’s facebook page which has more than 850k people following, I believe Flipkart will have a minimum of 1 million users.

I recently ordered a Canon Lide 110 scanner from Flipkart, and got a email next day with a link to track my order.  The order tracking page has details about shipping to help us to track where the package is. I wanted to quickly check if the order page is available only for my login session or for anyone in the web. Shockingly, the url works for anyone, and it is even enabled for search engine crawling.

Just a simple google search will give you a lot of Flipkart order details. From these links, you will notice

- The email id of the user is available in the url of tracking page

- User’s name, City, Pin code available in the tracking page

Below is just a few of the Flipkart user’s order details available in public.

I would recommend Flipkart to do one of the following to ensure users’ privacy.

- Make the order tracking page available only for the signed in user who made that order

- or, at least Remove these order tracking pages from Google’s search results (How to do this)

I am also sending this post as an email to to take an action.


Got an immediate response from Flipkart CEO saying they will soon fix this.


Amazon’s new Kindle Touch for $99

The all-new Kindle is lighter, faster, and more affordable than ever—only $79. Kindle is now small and light enough to fit easily in your pocket and carry with you everywhere, yet it still features the same 6-inch, most advanced electronic ink display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.

- smaller in size

- grey scale touch screen


another basic version for $79


Moving to WordPress

I am just testing my new wordpress setup and feed redirect.
All the followers of will be redirected to this new blog.

You can now read my blog from any mobile browser.

Browse through the site. I still need to improve the categories menus.

Let me know your feedback in comments!

Digsby – IM, Email, Facebook, Twitter client and more

Download Digsby

I was previously using Pidgin to connect to all the IM services at one place (which was also good).

Today I found digsby from Mashable’s nominees for Open web awards.

Digsby is an instant messenger client which is free to download. Apart from offering IM for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, Facebook chat, MySpace, ICQ, Jabber, it also provides email notification services.

And the most important feature is the Social networks part, where you can get / set updates from / to Facebook, twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn networks.

digsby Preferences

I prefer Digsby to Flock browser, which also provides social features.

ISRO Bhuvan – like Google earth in a browser

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched a Google Earth like product called Bhuvan ( in beta version, which mainly covers only India. Bhuvan – means Earth in Sanskrit.

We need to register into this site, and also install a plugin, in order to use Bhuvan from your browser.
It works only in Internet Explorer.

It has population data for all the cities, town in India, and also some images tagged to certain places.

As most of the news came in, saying “Bhuvan – rival to Google Earth!”, It doesnt seem to compete with Google Earth.