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All new Yahoo! Mail for mobile [Screenshots]

Yahoo! has released a newer version of Yahoo! Mail web app, which uses HTML5.
The newer interface really looks good and easy to use. In addition to the web app, Yahoo has also released Android apps for Yahoo search and Yahoo mail.
Official Announcement  Preview it yourself

The New web app offers,
- Offline email access
- Full search, (From/To, keywords and attachment file types)
- Photo and video attachment previews
- Smart folders

The home page

Photo attachment previews
Report as Spam, Trash, Mark as unread buttons and more
Compose page
Contact suggestions
App settings

Whats new in Yahoo! Mail ?

First of all, I am not seeing any kind of advertisement in my Yahoo! Mail , for past few days. (which used to flash much before).

The rest of the major updates are,

1. The Yahoo! Mail applications.

Yahoo Mail Application gallery

There are many useful applications like flickr, picnik (photo editor), photobucket, etc.

If you dont see the applications in your left side navigation bar (like below), request here.

Yahoo Mail Apps

2. Even the Yahoo! Mail classic has got the Messenger now, and also you can send text messages to mobiles.

Messenger in classic mail

Then Yahoo! Connections is slowly being integrated with the Yahoo Mail.

status update in Yahoo mail

I think, Yahoo! Buzz also will soon be integrated and can be accessed from Yahoo! Mail.

Read the Official announcement from Yahoo!

Also read, Yahoo! improves Home page and Image search results

Yahoo! improves Home page and Image search results

Yahoo! :

Few days back, Yahoo! redesigned its home page.

We can now add multiple apps to the Yahoo Home page, which are much different than the gadgets in page.

Top 10 Popular searches are now listed in the home page.

There are apps available for Yahoo mail, GMail, Facebook, BBC News, eBay, MySpace, Yahoo! Finance, Flickr, Yahoo! Movies, Horoscopes, etc.

Yahoo Home page

Yahoo Image search

Yahoo Image search results page is little changed, when you search for any locations.

If you search for any City or Country in Yahoo Image search, you get a list of places to visit in, or near the place you search for.

This also gives a list of images of the Points of Interest, near the place.

When I searched for India, Explore India list contains Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India Gate, King Fisher, Palolem, Agra Fort, Jantar Mantar, Char Minar, Gateway of India, Humayuns Tomb , which are Points of Interest in India

Yahoo image results

Read the official post

Access Yahoo Mail, Hotmail from GMail page

Yahoo mail in GMail 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, we can add any google gadget to our GMail page.

Let us add Yahoo Mail and Hotmail to GMail.

If you have not activated Labs in GMail,

1. Go to Labs in gmail.

(Labs are available only in Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome.)

2. In Labs tab, under Gmail Settings, Enable “Add any gadget by URL” feature, Save changes.

3. Now Go to the Gadgets tab in Gmail settings.

4. Give gadget’s url as (if you want Yahoo Mail gadget) (if you want Hotmail gadget)

and add.

(You are welcome to add both the gadgets.)

HotMail in GMail

There are ways to get your Yahoo mail, Hotmail in GMail’s inbox by using auto forward in Yahoo Mail / Hotmail settings.

Add these gadgets to iGoogle

Yahoo Mail: Add to Google

Hotmail: Add to Google

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Add Orkut Scrapbook gadget to GMail/iGoogle – Personalized home page from Yahoo!

Similar to iGoogle, yahoo provides a personalized home page (

We can add many of the default gadgets available from Yahoo! which includes some news feeds, weather, finance, Yahoo Maps and more.

In addition to these gadgets, there are some Open Apps (BETA) available for adding to our personalized page.

For developers, Yahoo has an application editor for My Yahoo!, where we can build Open apps and test it.

As of now, we cannot publish the apps for other users in the world (Publish button is disabled).

But we can test/use the app ourselves, invite friends to add/use in their My Yahoo! page.


My Yahoo Tour | For Developers | Know More

SpotM – Social Networking site from Yahoo !

Update: Yahoo has shutdown , and it is no more existing.
spotm – Yahoo! has released a beta version of it social networking site SpotM (BETA). It was developed and tested at Bangalore development centre of Yahoo!.

Now the site is open only for Indian users (and are invited).
We can request for an invite at , which directs us to spotm page for india,

From the below screenshot, it appears that Spotm will be accessible from mobile phones.


See how it competes with Orkut and Facebook.

Previously Yahoo had shut down its old social networking site Yahoo! Mash