10 useful Chrome Extensions

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Two days back, Google announced extensions for Google Chrome , which are similar to Firefox add-ons.
Chrome Extensions

The complete Chrome Extensions directory contains more than 300 extensions, which will now make Chrome more competitive to IE and Firefox.
Ten useful Extensions:
1. RSS Subscription extension
This extension automatically detects the RSS feed of the current webpage and lets you subscribe through Google reader / iGoogle / My Yahoo.
2. Chrome Bird
Chrome Bird is a simple and Powerful twitter add-on for Chrome.
3. Facebook for Google Chrome
This extension lets you access Facebook from Chrome easily
4. Brizzly
Brizzly, the popular Twitter + Facebook client is now available as a Chrome extension.
5. Google Sidewiki
Google’s commenting addon for any website
6. GMail checker
Displays the count of emails in GMail Inbox
7. Shareaholic
This extension lets you share the current webpage through most of the Social networks.
8. Google Translate
Translate any webpage using Google Translate
9. Bit.ly
URL Shortener Bit.ly’s official extension
10. Google Wave notifier
Shows the count of unread waves

  • Karthik

    I also recommend "OneNumber". It combines Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Google Wave into one icon saving space on the bar. Upon clicking a drop down appears with info links to each service.

  • Swathi Pradeep

    <span style="color: #808080;">I would also recommend 'One Number' and 'Picasa Picker'!</span>
    I have also blogged something about Google Chrome Extensions here:

    Comments and feedbacks are most welcome ;)

    Swathi Pradeep,