Chrome extension to Share on Google plus pages

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Download ‘Share on Google Plus Page’ Chrome extension

128For Google+ page owners, sharing web content on their Google plus pages will become simpler.

For sharing web pages as one of your Google+ pages,  there was no simple way to do directly.

You need to copy the URL, switch to your own Google+ Profile, then to the desired page and then share from there.


This extension makes it simpler. You need to setup your pages to this extension for the first time.

1. Install the extension Share on Google Plus Page and click on the extension icon.


2. Click on ‘Define my Google+ pages’ button.



3. Provide you Google+ page id’s and names (upto 5 pages – in addition to your own Profile), and Save it.


4. Now you will see the page names in the select button


5. Use the combo box select button to switch among your Profile and Pages.

- You have to select the "Share on Google+" field to start sharing the web page.
- You DON’T need to publicly +1 the page to Share it on Google Plus.
(though it says ‘You publicly +1′d’, you actually don’t)

You can circle me or my blog’s Google+ pages.

Please pass your valuable feedback / improvement ideas for this extension as a direct message.

  • selling used electronics

    Is there any extension for Mozilla Firefox?

  • alebaffa

    FINALLY !! Thank you so much, man !! It’s been months I am looking for this extension !

  • Tetoro’s Lair

    That’s a great extension indeed. Sharing on a Page without having to bother about going on Google Plus is time sparing. Thanks for the article!

  • Tetoro’s Lair

    Very useful extension if you manage a Page in Google Plus and you don’t want to bother with going on Google+ anytime you want to share something. Thanks for this great tip!

  • Ashish

    Thanks. This is the plugin I have been looking around.

  • Rupert Neil Bumfrey

    It seems to have stopped working this morning!

    • Karthik

      no, its still working for me. what OS you are in?