Access Google Latitude from GMail

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In order to use Google Latitude from Gmail, you should have enabled Gadgets in Gmail.

Once you have done that, go to the Gadgets tab in Gmail settings.
Give the gadget’s url as and add.

Now you are set to use Latitude from Gmail. The Latitude gadget appears on the left navigation bar of the Gmail page. When you click on your photo in the gadget, it gets launched in its canvas view (full screen).

Google Latitude in Gmail
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  • Anonymous

    Whoever you are, when I click on a link in iGoogle's home page, instead of going to the link, your blog hijacked the link.

    I do not know what is this misdeed but I will try my best to make this known to Google and have your site banned if you do not stop this nonsense. This is a cheap way of fooling readers to go to your blog to gain credit.


  • Tenkely

    That's pretty funny…

  • Karthik

    Anonymous, you might have clicked any of my iGoogle gadget's title link, that might have directed you here. It is not "Hijacking" or "Hacking" the iGoogle page. As a gadget author, I have the privilege to link to my blog from my gadgets. Please read the iGoogle gadgets terms