Custom BSE Stocks watch – GFC gadget

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This Custom BSE Stocks watch gadget for Blogger, GFC sites displays the stocks provided by the users, and updates the stock prices without needing to refresh the page.

How to add this gadget to a Blogger powered blog/site?

1. Goto the Layout page of your blog.
2. Click “Add gadget”
3. Click “Add your own”
4. Give the gadget url as and save.

How to add this gadget for non-Blogger sites?

1. Login to Google Friend connect, and select the site you want to add the gadget to.
(If you didnt register your site in Google Friend Connect, Please register.)

2. Click on “Social Gadgets”

3. Click “Add Gadget by URL” at the bottom of the page.

4. Give Gadget url as

5. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

6. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Custom BSE Stocks” gadget !!!

Please provide your valuable feedback/suggestion by commenting, which will be useful for improving the gadget.