Google Friend Connect – Members Count gadget

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Unfortunately, the Members gadget for Google Friend connect is not displaying the correct count of Members. It is adding 4 or 5 more to the count, which is the number of pages of members. (Well, It may be adding the blocked members also, I am not sure about that.)

Here is a gadget available, which will just display the count of GFC Members.

Adding to Blogger blog:
Click here to Add Members Count to your Blogger blog

How to add this gadget for non-Blogger sites?

1. Login to Google Friend connect, and select the site you want to add the gadget to.
2. Click on “Gadgets”
3. Goto the bottom of the page and click “Add Gadgets by URL” link.
4. Provide Gadget URL as :
5. Click “Continue” button
6. Click “Generate Code” button and add the code.

Note: The count may be lesser than what is shown in actual members gadget, but believe me, this counter is showing the correct count of your site members.

Please comment here, your feedback about the gadget.

  • Brian

    You have a lot of followers. What is your secret? Just kidding, I know you have a great blog! Keep it up.

  • Karthik

    thanks Brian!

  • Kitekoop

    I've had a really hard time with GFC to work on my site. Not sure why. So I resorted to manually adding a link to my QP blog today. Not sure if it works, so any tips would e great. However, I also tried this ticker and it doesn't matter how many times I change the specifications (colors, sizes), the result comes out the same – boring and skewed. Help! Please respond via email at kitekoop AT gmail DOT com