Google Friend Connect vs Facebook Social Plugins

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Google Friend Connect Facebook Social Plugins
Becoming a member / Fan Click the Follow button and need to authenticate with Google / Yahoo / Twitter / AIM / Netlog / OpenId Just click the “Like” button. (Should have signed into
Recommendation gadget / Button Available Available
Recommending a post User just clicks “Recommend” button User just clicks “Like” button
Where the liked post/pages will be visible? Only in “Recommendations” gadget In “Recommendations” gadget and also in Facebook profile.
Analytics Available – only about the Members count. Much detailed analytics available in – Daily Active Users, New Fans, Demographics – Gender and age, Countries, Activity – Media consumptions and much more.
Comments gadget Available Available
Activity Feed Available Available
Custom gadgets directory Available Not Available

Facebook page Insights

  • Tamjit

    While praising analytics in Facebook over in blogger. Have u even heard of google Analytics??? It is much more comprehensive and detailed. I suggest u to have a look at it.

    • Karthik

      I use Google Analytics very much. did not try to praise Facebook. Just made a comparison about GFC and Facebook social plugins.

  • Mark Hawker

    There are also cool gadgets such as the Social Bar offered by Google Friend Connect. Also, both do have a rich set of APIs for more advanced features. Facebook Plugins also allow for real-time communications, too.

  • latest gadgets

    Coolest application to have on col gadet.. As gogle and Facebook together would be better….