Recent Visitors gadget for Blogger / Google Friend Connect sites

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Add ‘Recent Visitors’ to Blogger | Top 10 Members | Members Count

This Recent Visitors gadget for Blogger, displays the recent Google friend connect members who visited your site (recently).

The gadget code is available here.
How to add this gadget to a Blogger powered blog/site?

1. Goto the Layout page of your blog.
2. Click on “Add a Gadget”
3. Search for “Recent Visitors”

3. Click on the above shown gadget title.
4. Configure the gadget and save.

How to add this gadget for non-Blogger sites?

1. Login to Google Friend connect, and select the site you want to add the gadget to.

2. Click on “Gadgets”

3. Click “Add Gadget by URL” link at the bottom.

4. Give the gadget url as
5. Customize the gadget
6. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

7. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Recent Visitors” gadget !!!

I had taken Eiji’s Footprint gadget as a base, and modified the logic for identifying the recent visitors.

This gadget doesn’t store the Timestamp of the visitors. Instead it keeps track of a number, which each recent visitor gets assigned (that is always higher than the second recent visitor who visited the site).

(The Timestamp tracking method fails in few cases, when the visitors have a wrong time in their Computers. And also in the cases when visitors come from different time zones.)

Please provide your valuable feedback/suggestion by commenting, which will be useful for improving the gadget.

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    Do you have anything, which logs all the visitors in to a text file or as a report ?

    What i mean is, suppose the reader don't want his/her name displayed as a recent visitor, and the blog owner wants to know who are the ppl visited – could we log all the vistor list, without publishing it in public ?

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      Peço por favor que me esclarecam o que fazer.


      Estou DESESPERADA! hehe

      • Karthik

        I translated your comment and got this
        “I mixed up with all this gadget. I added to my blog and my own as was seen tried to withdraw, but with my profile picture disappeared many of my images in posts, including my header. How can I recover these pictures?

        I beg you enlighten me what to do.

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        I'm DESPERATE! hehe”

        I am not sure, which picture disappeared.

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    It didn't work at my blog.
    I tried for a week and it just tracked the visits I have done myself to my blog. I had some visits that sent comments to my posts, but they didn't appear within this gadget.

    • Karthik

      Hey, It can count, only if the member has logged on to 'Google Friend Connect' on your site.

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