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Add ‘Top 10 Members’ to Blogger | Recent Visitors | Members Count

Update on Top 10 Members gadget

This Top Ten Members gadget for Blogger, displays the top 10 Google friend connect members of your site, according to the number of times they visit your site.

The gadget code is available here.

How to add this gadget to a Blogger powered blog/site?

Click here to Add “Top 10 Members” gadget to your blogger blog.


1. Goto the Layout page of your blog.
2. Click “Add gadget”
3. Click “Add your own”
4. Give the gadget url as and save.

How to add this gadget for non-Blogger sites?

1. Login to Google Friend connect, and select the site you want to add the gadget to.

2. Click on “Social Gadgets”

3. Click “All Gadgets” tab.

4. Locate “Top 10 Members” gadget, and click, “Get this gadget”

5. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

6. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Top 10 Members” gadget !!!

I had taken Eiji’s Footprint gadget as a base, and modified it for my requirement.

Please provide your valuable feedback/suggestion by commenting, which will be useful for improving the gadget.

See the Gadget in action: BSE Stock watch

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  • Tenkely

    Love the redesign of your site! Your top 10 members gadget is great too, looks even better cleaned up without the border. Congrats!

  • Karthik

    Thanks Tenkely!! I too like this Chrome theme very much!

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    Just recently put this gadget on my blog.
    I think it is a Super idea!!!
    Thanks so much !

    Feel free to stop by and be counted :)

    Positively Worth Sharing


    Beautiful! ;)

  • Kibagus

    nice thanks you

  • Rosário Notícias

    Já coloquei no meu!!! Valeu!!! Abraços.

    Visitem o meu blog Rosário Notícias:

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  • Dillon Masters

    So now that I've included this gadget in my blog, I can't figure out how to see who is visiting. Help please.

  • megumi Shop


  • Karthik

    @Dillon, Thanks for installing the gadget. Please also install the followers gadget in your blog, so that visitors can join your site, and their visits will get counted by this gadget. Read

  • a1zudd1n

    thanks a lot..stylo..hehe

  • shoushouswelt

    Very nice

  • Marie Noelle et Christophe

    Toujours interessant et instructif
    Une pensée pour vous à l'approche dev Noel

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    Unfortunately I don't read French (my loss)

  • Dillon

    Thanks. Might you say why?

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    Oooops nice info,
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  • Piensa

    Buen pagina!

  • Joe Ndzulo

    Interesting widget. However it really reacts the way you say, then it's no longer cool. Will give it a try though.

  • HAPIA Mesir

    thank you for this gadget. I wrote this tutorial too in my blog with my language.

  • Karthik

    Thanks Hapia !! I read your blog post about "Top 10 Members" gadget !

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  • fhast

    cool gadget..

    i will add it too in my blog hehe :D

  • princess_pink

    wow lot"s of people are popular then right?

  • wanzi

    hallo… i add this top 10 members gadget my blog…. so why my name show this group top ten? n how want insert or add member to top 10 member……

  • Blog Tutorial

    Nice gadget… ready to use it..ty

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    Ty so much..i use it now..;)

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    is number one,,,,thanks bro

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    I am trying it out now .

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    hi frns join & enjoy……….

  • Kristen @ All the Proof I Need

    I have one problem with this. As I look at my blog a lot, I would be one of the top people on my own blog, especially when I have to edit or modify the look of my blog. Is there any way to hide myself like you can from the Recent Visitors gadget??? Please help. I have it up right now, but I don't know how long I will be keeping it.

    • Karthik

      @Kristen, I Agree. Give me a couple of days. I will surely add a “Hide Me” Checkbox, so that any one can Opt Out from being shown in the Top 10 members list.

  • valkocompany

    i like this gadget

  • Wildlife
  • gonzalez

    dios les bendica

  • Mystee

    Can you tell me why it will count some people that have logged in but not others? I have installed this on 2 of my blog and I know of 1 person for sure that isn't being counted on either blog.

    • Amomentwithmystee

      Nevermind, she wasn't doing it right.

      • Karthik

        Ok, thanks !

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    this is very good site