Update on Top 10 Members gadget

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From the time I developed the Top 10 Members gadget (a year back), I got feedback from site owners saying that they don’t want to show up on their own site. I thought of providing an option, but did not get enough time. Now I have added a “Hide Me!” checkbox, that anyone can use to hide themselves from being shown up on the gadget.

Even if the user has selected to hide him/herself, the visit will still be counted, so that anytime when he/she changes the mind, their position on the gadget will be appropriate.

See, I have made 118 visits, but not appearing in the Top 10 members list.


Let me know if you face any issues.

  • Deb4tasteful

    How do I add the hide me checkbox so that my name doesn't appear as a top ten on my own blog???  deb4tasteful@earthlink.net

  • http://criarteprajesus.blogspot.com.br/ Carminha

    Não consegui fazer a atualização, sempre aparece a minha visita. Mesmo assim, obrigada

  • GoingtotheShowing

    How come I dont see the “Hide Me” button? /=

  • Lesia Cook

    Do I need to remove the old gadget and add it again, and if so will the current count stay valid? If not how do I add the hide me button without disturbing my current top members.