Google IME (Input Method Editor) now available for 64 bit computers

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Google IME is now available for 64 bit computers also. Read the Official post.

If you have missed my previous post, below is a brief intro about Google IME.

Google transliteration is a Google Labs feature, which allows you to type in any Indian language (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and more)  or in Nepali, Persian, Greek, Urdu and more languages using the normal English keyboard. (Type phonetically using roman characters. Supports 17 languages.)
Google Transliterate was first announced as Google Indic Transliteration service, which was available only for indian languages. Now it has been expanded to many other languages like Persian, Greek, Urdu.

Google IME (Input Method Editor) is the software, that you need to install, to enable the transliteration in your PC. After installing it, use the Language bar in the task bar, to choose the language to type. The complete installation / uninstallation / usage guidelines are available here.