Google Transliterate and Google IME (Input Method Editor)

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Update: Google IME is available for 64 bit computers.

Google transliteration is a Google Labs feature, which allows you to type in any Indian language (Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and more)  or in Nepali, Persian, Greek, Urdu and more languages using the normal English keyboard. (Type phonetically using roman characters. Supports 17 languages.)
Google Transliterate was first announced as Google Indic Transliteration service, which was available only for indian languages. Now it has been expanded to many other languages like Persian, Greek, Urdu.
Google Transilerate
This feature can be installed into any website, to allow the users to type in any of the available local languages. Read the Google Transliteration API documentation for configuring this feature for your website.
Not only from the Google transliterate page, and from websites, Now the Google transliterate feature can be installed in your PC, so that you can start typing in your local language in any window (Notepad, Wordpad, or any Text area). Once installed, you need not have internet connection for the transliteration to work, it will just run from your computer.
Google IME (Input Method Editor) is the software, that you need to install, to enable the transliteration in your PC. After installing it, use the Language bar in the task bar, to choose the language to type. The complete installation / uninstallation / usage guidelines are available here.
Google IME is now available only for Windows (Windows 7/Vista/XP (32-bit)). Unfortunately I have a 64 bit PC running Windows 7 and could not try this for now. Hope this will be soon available for 64 bit, and also for Mac and Linux.
Try Google transliterate and Google IME and share your comments below.

  • mukesh

    plz jaldi se 64 bit mai v jari kare. subhkamanaye.

  • bhojraj jaisi

    यो के भयो यहाँ. यस्तो त कहिले पनि भएको थिएन हौ गांठे