why dont Orkut photo albums integrate with Picasa?

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update: Orkut integrates Picasa web albums
In how many websites do you upload the photos, and have redundant data in the web?

I used to upload my photo albums to Picasa, Orkut and Facebook. (stopped uploading to Flickr because of the storage limits)

I hate uploading the same photos which I already added to my Picasa album, again to Facebook / Orkut, just for sharing with my friends.

Facebook has a very good solution for this. Fotofan app can directly bring my Picasa albums to my Facebook profile, with a separate tab called Picasa tab. In addition to this, updates will be posted to my wall automatically whenever I add photos to Picasa.

Orkut and Picasa being Google’s own products, Orkut doesn’t have a similar feature. Orkut apps are not even comparable to Facebook apps. Long way to go for Orkut applications.
 But Google has merged photos uploaded to Blogger blogs, to Picasa albums. The blogger buzz post asks “Ever wanted to see all the photos you’ve uploaded to your blog in one place?” and the Blogger photos are integrated in Picasa, I am wondering why Orkut albums cant fit with Picasa? If Orkut albums integrate with Picasa, even the photo comments can be synced between Orkut and Picasa albums. Let us wait if it can ever happen.

  • Tenkely

    nice tip on Fotofan. I too would like to see Orkut and Picasa ply together nicely.

  • Karthik

    thanks Tenkely, Fotofan facebook app is really very useful !