Print to PDF option in Chrome

I noticed the new (for me) feature in Chrome to Print a webpage to a PDF file, when I was really in need of such a thing.

I had an e(g)mail to be saved as a document, so I clicked “Print” from gmail, and tried to take screen print and put it to a word document, but the “Print to PDF” function saved my time.

Btw, I hate to use the Microsoft XPS file format.

Print to pdf

P.S I am running Chrome version 13.0.782.14

Facebook’s New Comments plugin for websites

Facebook has announced the new commenting system for websites, which can provide Facebook wall like commenting for web pages. When someone posts a comment on a webpage, it can simultaneously posted on his FB wall also. If any of his friends reply to that post, that could appear on the original webpage’s comment section – which is the best part of it.

This is how the post appears on the wall of the commenting user.


Moneycontrol iPhone app – Market on Mobile’s Market on Mobile iPhone app has been released recently. I was very much waiting for such an app from CNBC Moneycontrol.

It has many features like, Global indices, Personalised portfolio, watch list (Moneycontrol login required), Charts, News, message board and live CNBC TV 18.

Below are the screenshots of the iPhone app. You can download it here.





Live TV


Since it is the first version, there are some issues with the app.

When you minimise the app, and re-open it, it doesn’t start from the page you left. Instead takes you to the default page. Overall, the app is very slow. Hope the next version will have improvements.

App’s Official page

iTunes page