Disqus goes mobile, lite theme coming soon

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Disqus has been a useful commenting system for blogs. There is new like button added to build communities. Now if you view any Disqus powered web page (like Mashable.com), the commenting system is also optimized for mobile (see screenshot below).

disqus mobile

Lite theme

Disqus is now Mobile

DISQUS for iPhone: Mobile comment moderation

Disqus like button and Communities



The reasons why I use Disqus

1. Threaded Comments

2. Easier Comment moderation

3. Sync/ Import / Export for Blogger/Wordpress

4. “Like” for posts / comments

5. Social sharing options, Community profiles

6. Automatic email subscription of comments

Disqus is also expected to release a Lite theme for comments which is supposed to load faster (for those who are concerned about the loading time of sites).

Visit my blog from iPhone/Android, you will see the mobile theme + mobile Disqus comments.

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    Does it work with Android?

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    Disqus is one of the best comment hosts for me. And having it on my phone? That will be great. Thanks! I did not actually know this. I can surely enjoy blogs and comment on them even when Im away from my laptop.