Friend connect – Member details and Site Community gadget

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Gene has published a new friend connect gadget, which has more features as a custom opensocial gadget for Google Friend Connect.

The gadget has more details about the user, the sites the user has joined, and number of times he/she visited those sites (Loyalty).
For the site owner, this gadget provides some more details like, number of users visited today, yesterday, top loyal users, etc.

Gadgets Url:

This gadget has two sections:
1. Visitor details: (this section visible to all the members logged into the site using GFC)
which has
a. Number of times I visited the site today.
b. Total number of visits from me to that site.o
c. Number of sites I have joined through Google Friend Connect (and those sites should use this Custom gadget for GFC).
d. Number of hits from me to all those sites
e. How many days the user is a member of the site.

2. Community details:
This section of the gadget will be visible only to the owner of the site, who configured friend connect for that site.

This section has,

a. Number of members visited Today
b. Number of hits (by GFC members) Today
c. Total number of members
d. Total number of hits from members
e. Number of members visited the site Yesterday
f. Top 3 loyal users of the site/community.

How to add this gadget to my site?

1. Set up your site in

2. Click on “Social Gadgets”

3. Click “Custom Gadget”

4. Give Gadget url as

5. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

6. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Community Gadget” !!!

Original post by Gene