GFC Members gadget that directly links to Member’s sites

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This gadget is intended for Google Friend Connect users, Blogger users.

I had taken Eiji’s Footprint gadget as a base, and modified it for my requirement.

You can add a members gadget that displays Google Friend connect members of your site, and the thumbnail of the members directly links to any URL provided by the member.

This gadgets favors the site members the most, since it adds a direct link to the member’s own site. When more members are interested in joining your site, in turn, you get more Followers/Members.

When a visitor, who is not a member of your site visits the site, the welcome message says, Please Sign in to this site and Leave your link. After the user joins, it asks for the website URL of the member, which can be updated anytime later. The members need to give the complete url (with http://) in the text box provided, and click the update button. They get a confirmation message saying “Update Successful!”

The gadget is available in, which displays only the members who shared links

It is better to also add a sign-in gadget above this gadget, which will be handy, when a visitor wants to join the site.

If your site has more members (say 150), consider adding text-only version of this gadget (, so that it doesn’t occupy much space.

Members gadget that directly links

How to add this gadget to a Blogger powered blog/site?

1. Goto the Layout page of your blog.
2. Click “Add gadget”
3. Click “Add your own”
4. Give the gadget url as and save.

How to add this gadget to non-blogger sites?

1. Set up your site in Google Friend connect, if not already done.

2. Click on “Social Gadgets”

3. Click “Add Gadget by URL” at the bottom of the page.

4. Give Gadget url as
(or, if you want a text only version)

5. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

6. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Member Links” gadget !!!

Please provide your valuable feedback/suggestion by commenting, which will be useful for improving the gadget.

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