Yahoo! improves Home page and Image search results

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Yahoo! :

Few days back, Yahoo! redesigned its home page.

We can now add multiple apps to the Yahoo Home page, which are much different than the gadgets in page.

Top 10 Popular searches are now listed in the home page.

There are apps available for Yahoo mail, GMail, Facebook, BBC News, eBay, MySpace, Yahoo! Finance, Flickr, Yahoo! Movies, Horoscopes, etc.

Yahoo Home page

Yahoo Image search

Yahoo Image search results page is little changed, when you search for any locations.

If you search for any City or Country in Yahoo Image search, you get a list of places to visit in, or near the place you search for.

This also gives a list of images of the Points of Interest, near the place.

When I searched for India, Explore India list contains Taj Mahal, Red Fort, India Gate, King Fisher, Palolem, Agra Fort, Jantar Mantar, Char Minar, Gateway of India, Humayuns Tomb , which are Points of Interest in India

Yahoo image results

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  • Cleavon Williams

    I cant seem to get yahoo home page to view picture in background of the news. I want the old yahoo back.