Micromax Ninja 3 – A57 (Rs.4999) and Ninja 4 (Rs.5999)

After releasing 4.3 inch A90 and 5 inch A100 (both running Android ICS), Micromax will be releasing two new entry level Android phones Ninja 3.5 (3.5 inch screen) and Ninja 4 (4 inch screen). Prices are expected to be at around Rs.5000 for Ninja 3.5 and Rs.6000 for Ninja 4.

Ninja 3 (A57)

1GHz Qualcomm processor
Android 2.3.5
3.5-inch capacitive display with HVGA resolution (320 x 480)
3MP rear camera
1400 mAh battery
512MB ROM, 256MB RAM






Ninja 4.0

- 4 inch Capacitive touch screen

- 1 GHz processor

- Android Gingerbread

Google Chrome webstore – extensions URL changed

Chrome-Web-StoreWhen I opened Chrome webstore to check the weekly active users for my extension, I noticed that the number of plus one’s that my extension had got, moved down to zero.

This is because, Google has now changed (improved) the extensions’ urls (to be SEO friendly ?!)



Old url:


New url:


The old url is redirected to the new one. so, its not much to be worried. But, the Plus Ones received by the extensions are gone.