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Add ‘Top 10 Members’ to Blogger | Recent Visitors | Members Count

Update on Top 10 Members gadget

This Top Ten Members gadget for Blogger, displays the top 10 Google friend connect members of your site, according to the number of times they visit your site.

The gadget code is available here.

How to add this gadget to a Blogger powered blog/site?

Click here to Add “Top 10 Members” gadget to your blogger blog.


1. Goto the Layout page of your blog.
2. Click “Add gadget”
3. Click “Add your own”
4. Give the gadget url as and save.

How to add this gadget for non-Blogger sites?

1. Login to Google Friend connect, and select the site you want to add the gadget to.

2. Click on “Social Gadgets”

3. Click “All Gadgets” tab.

4. Locate “Top 10 Members” gadget, and click, “Get this gadget”

5. Click “Generate Code” under “Create the HTML code”

6. Copy the code, add it to your site, Start using “Top 10 Members” gadget !!!

I had taken Eiji’s Footprint gadget as a base, and modified it for my requirement.

Please provide your valuable feedback/suggestion by commenting, which will be useful for improving the gadget.

See the Gadget in action: BSE Stock watch

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    Very good post and a useful one. but as Kristen @ All the Proof I Need said, i too visit my blogs quite often to edit, and do changes in style, to add app. gadgets etc etc so there is no meaning in showing our avataar in top 10 visitors, pl provide the hide button as you promised to Kristen.
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